Every consultation is different depending on the individual. During a consult I will definitely use ThetaHealing® however I also work and recommend other tools, books etc. so that you can continue your healing in your own time and space. I believe it is important to know how to empower yourself and not be reliant on any one healing practitioner.


  • $110 for an hour
  • $70 for half hour

I choose to not offer packages, as people find that so much can change from just one session, this way you aren’t locked in to doing more if you don’t feel the need, however you can easily book another appointment any time you would like.

If you wish to book a Consultation please contact Zoe to schedule.

Zoe Joseph

ThetaHealing Instructor | Holistic Mentor | Speaker


  • “Love you Zoe, Thanks so much for everything. You are such a cool, fun, down to earth kind of teacher.”

    Georgia Hughes
    M & A
  • “It is so reassuring to know and to have someone such as Zoe to reaffirm a spiritual practice such as Theta into a ‘normal’ content. I don’t feel as ‘weird’ anymore, and yes the jigsaw piece does fit. I look forward to putting all that Zoe has taught me into place, for me, my friends and family and clients. Thank you and many Blessings.’

    Basic Course
  • “this course reinforced and clarified what I have learned in life thus far. Highly recommended!”

    Bronwen B
    Basic Course
  • “These courses were amazing, Theta is a whole new understanding of life, which I plan to continue using. Thank you to Zoe, her mentors and ThetaHealing for bring these courses to life”

    Amanda Stewart
    Basic and Advanced Course
  • “Wonderful experience that opens all form of thinking the impossible is possible.”

    Advanced Course