ThetaHealing® Advanced

“Duration: 3 days – The Advanced ThetaHealing® Seminar expands the information in the Basic Seminar to encompass an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us.

The student will learn how to clear old resentments, vows, and commitments that hold them back. The student will discover how to heal with the “Baby in the Womb” and “Heal the Broken Soul” exercises. The student will receive Feelings that are Downloaded from the Instructor that will bring profound healing and enlightenment to them.

This seminar is a delightful experience as students are filled with many new and positive feelings such as knowing how to appreciate the now and what self acceptance feels like for the Seventh Plane.

Seminar Includes: Advanced ThetaHealing® All That Is & ThetaHealing® Advanced Manual.

This seminar is taught in 3 consecutive days” (

Next Advanced Course:

16-18th of August 2018

COST: $585 / DEPOSIT: $185

Pre-requisite for this class

Basic ThetaHealing

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Zoe Joseph

ThetaHealing Instructor | Holistic Mentor | Speaker


  • “This course has changed me in a very positive way. Ill be forever grateful for having become a person with endless capabilities”

    Rafael Melo
    Basic Course
  • “Best course I’ve ever done, with a beautiful amazing teacher.”

    Melinda Booth
    Advanced Course
  • “I wish everyone would invest in the lives with these sort of courses”

    Cornelia Malone
    Basic Course
  • “Thank you Zoe, amazing course. I hope you realise how many people you are helping.”

    Tania Heinecke
    Basic Course
  • “This three day basic course has been very informative, not only did I learn from Zoe but I have also learnt from my peers. Zoe was an excellent teacher providing love care and support to everyone. I would recommend seeking Zoe for a consolation any day.”

    Alfred Capshick
    Basic Course