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“This was a beautiful weekend with amazing life changing healings”

Megan Green
Basic Course

“It is so reassuring to know and to have someone such as Zoe to reaffirm a spiritual practice such as Theta into a ‘normal’ content. I don’t feel as ‘weird’ anymore, and yes the jigsaw piece does fit. I look forward to putting all that Zoe has taught me into place, for me, my friends and family and clients. Thank you and many Blessings.’

Basic Course

“Doing the Basic ThetaHealing Course for me was like putting all the pieces of the puzzle of life together. Understanding what why and how. It has given me massive amounts of clarity. Thanks Zoe, Love ya.”

Tegan Liddel
Basic Course

“My goodness, this happens to be the ride of my life, only the creator know where the next twist and turn is going to take me. I follow the love of all that is now and forever to many planes of existence with the knowing that Zoe (with the help of Vianna and Guy) has begun my new way of life.”

Gary Capstick
Basic Course

“ThetaHealing has changed the way I think feel and act towards life. It has given me the skills to improve beyond imagination my life, health and attitude. I am so grateful. Thank you.”

Jenny Van Stekelenburg
Basic Course

“ThetaHealing has empowered me to change my life for the better.”

Jean Hart
Basic Course

“Zoe is a passionate teacher and a great communicator. The course was a joy to learn with Zoe. Thank you so much”

Richard Lambert
Basic Course

“Thank you Zoe, I found this course enlightening and fun. Love you.”

Sky Brockman
Basic Course

“This three day basic course has been very informative, not only did I learn from Zoe but I have also learnt from my peers. Zoe was an excellent teacher providing love care and support to everyone. I would recommend seeking Zoe for a consolation any day.”

Alfred Capshick
Basic Course

A big thank you to Zoe for showing me a way to clear my thoughts, emotions and feelings which have held me to the past. I peace it all here so I can move freely into my future”

Michelle Douch
Basic Course

Zoe Joseph

ThetaHealing Instructor | Holistic Mentor | Speaker