I’ve never really talked about or marketed Cre8ingMore, until now my business has been predominantly through word of mouth, now that I’m fully out of the spiritual closet 😉 it felt like the right time to launch myself properly on the world wide web and social media. I get asked all the time what I do and only the other day my 17-yr-old nephew asked me “So what do you really do and how are you meant to explain it I just tell people when they ask me what you do, that you’re a Mental Pharmacist.” I couldn’t stop laughing but I guess it’s a simple way to sum it up in a nutshell. Change is the only constant and I love mentoring people who are ready and willing to take responsibility for their life and are prepared to face what ever is blocking them from creating the positive change they seek.

As you are creating your reality, I believe part of my purpose in this lifetime is to empower people to be Cre8ingMore of what they choose to have in their life. The exciting part for me is that I’m now able to help/support/empower people in my own backyard, in a community that I care so much about.

Wherever you are – if you’re going through a shit time, keep attracting the same dramas, feel stuck, wish to be more conscious and understanding of your spiritual side, need more balance, wish to be Cre8ingMore out of life or just need someone to listen to you without judgement, then simply be in contact.

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Zoe Joseph

ThetaHealing Instructor | Holistic Mentor | Speaker


  • “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Always inspiring me, empowering me and making me excited me about life. Zoe coming into my life has changed everything for the better!”

    M & A
  • “I feel blessed for the many beautiful experiences I had over the 3 days, Thank you.”

    Sabine Hogan
    Basic Course
  • “I found ThetaHealing to affect my level of belief to be raised beyond anything experienced before, Thank you Zoe”

    MaryAnne Pallmen
    Basic Course
  • “This was a beautiful weekend with amazing life changing healings”

    Megan Green
    Basic Course
  • “This has changed my life for the better.”

    Diane Martin
    Advanced Course