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My name is Zoe Joseph, I grew up and now live in a beautiful small town called Bombala on the Monaro in Southern NSW. For over 10 years I’ve been on a journey of healing – learning, reading, and experiencing all kinds of personal development, however the predominate technique that has resonated and supported me is ThetaHealing®, which I discovered when I was 19. ThetaHealing was founded by an incredible lady by the name of Vianna Stibal. I’ve now travelled to America twice to study with Vianna, receiving my Masters of ThetaHealing in 2012 and Certificate of Science in 2014.

For over 6 years, I’ve taught the ThetaHealing® technique and although I’ve always loved what I do, a massive part of me remained in the “spiritual closet” – so to speak. After a series of events in the last year I stepped over that final hurdle of being concerned about what other people think. As what I do can be so easily misperceived especially when you’re referring to things such as – The Universe, intuition, thoughts creating your reality, the Creator of All That Is, spirituality etc (I do believe in fairies I do, I do 😉 ) The unknown can be scary and so easily judged because of the stereotypes that surround these things. People also shy away, mostly because it’s about empowering yourself to take FULL responsibility for what’s happening in your life and a lot of people aren’t ready for that, especially if they are stuck in the cycle of blame.

This is why I love empowering people to create balance in all areas of their life. Also why I love meeting and helping people to recognise their potential & find their passion with a purpose, encouraging them to be giving back to humanity or the environment in some way or another, no matter what you do, the smallest things can make such a difference. In my experience this comes about by working on the foundations of YOUR life (this is where my fav quote from Ghandi comes in – “Be the change you wish to see in the world”), recognizing and clearing your limiting “stuff” then choosing the life you wish to live, In turn this will empower others around you to do the same. Once the foundations are there spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally you can continue to grow and expand in a positive direction, with tools to support you when life throws you curve balls.

Zoe Joseph

ThetaHealing Instructor | Holistic Mentor | Speaker


  • “ThetaHealing has changed the way I think feel and act towards life. It has given me the skills to improve beyond imagination my life, health and attitude. I am so grateful. Thank you.”

    Jenny Van Stekelenburg
    Basic Course
  • “Thank you Zoe, I found this course enlightening and fun. Love you.”

    Sky Brockman
    Basic Course
  • “Thank you so much Zoe for being such a fun and easy going teacher of such a fascinating and life changing modality. This has infinitely changed my work facilitating healing through the creator. Not to mention all the fab people we bond with during the course. Much love dearest Zoe.”

    Sarah Lambert
    Basic Course
  • “This has changed my life for the better.”

    Diane Martin
    Advanced Course
  • “Great three days, look forward to three weeks this coming February. Thank you to Zoe for being such a down to earth teacher”

    Judy Halloran
    Basic Course